Bath Vanity Mirror and Vanity Sets – Increase Saleability

A bath vanity mirror is an essential part of the bathroom. Even the simplest and smallest bathrooms are always equipped with this indispensable fixture. Most people would not be able to go a day without looking into the mirror to check how they look. No matter what kind of theme you are sporting in your bathroom, you are sure to find a vanity mirror suitable for you.

There are certain factors you have to consider when putting up a bath vanity mirror. Ensuring it fits the whole look of the room is of course quite crucial. A mirror that stands out for all the wrong reasons is surely not a good thing. A classic looking fixture is the safest way to go as this would usually complement any look. Bath Vanity Experts is a great place to start looking for quality vanities. They offer a wide selection of several kinds of vanities with different styles. The Jasmine single vanity, item number BVE-1129, already comes in a set and costs $1,497. The vanity has a 2-door cabinet for great storage and already includes an undermount sink and a matching mirror. The mirror measures about 29″ x 36″ and it has a classic black espresso finish. The vanity also features a sliding cabinet for added functionality.

If you have a large bathroom with lots of users, a double vanity might be more ideal for you. A double his & hers bath vanity mirror would be more convenient especially during the busy mornings when everyone needs to use the bathroom. You would also find a great deal of double vanities here that come in assorted styles and finishes. The Vortex double bath vanity, item number BVE- 1145, has a modern look with a transparent glass countertop. It comes with two vessel glass sinks, a 3-drawer cabinet and stainless steel towel bars and wall brackets. Three different colors are available: maple, mahogany and black. You can find this product for sale in Bath Vanity Experts for $2,297.

Not everyone could afford a pricey vanity set though, and you might be looking for just a bath vanity mirror. If you still have an old vanity that can be salvaged and re-used, it would save you a lot of money to buy a single piece mirror instead of the whole vanity set. Bath Vanity Experts also has a lovely selection of other bathroom fixtures like mirrors, medicine cabinets, bathtubs and towel warmers. The style varies from Roman/Victorian to modern & contemporary. For a classic look with an affordable price tag, they have the I’m So Distressed Oval Oak Mirror (item number BVE-0600) which costs $227. Its dimensions are: 25.5″ W x 34″ H. The retail price of this product is around $400, but this vendor is offering it for way less the original price. It is made of quality oak wood and comes in an old distressed finish to match any old wooden vanity you might have lounging around your house.

A stunning bath vanity mirror mounted in your bathroom can be a great way to enhance the ambience of the space. If you have the funds for it, buying a vanity set can be more practical. Whatever kind of look or style you are going for, online retailers like Bath Vanity Experts will give you a great selection to choose from.

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Vanity Cabinets – An Important Bathroom Accessory

Vanity cabinets are indicative for bathrooms primarily due to the fact that apart from the utilitarian point of view, it also adds an element of style to the general décor of the room. Bathrooms contain several small articles of daily use which needs to be put away conveniently so as to accord it a sense of space and order. This can be effectively achieved through the installation of Cabinets.

Vanity Cabinets are basically storage spaces that can be fitted snugly under or above the sink or on any suitable area. They can be mounted on walls or fixed on the floor and some may even extend up to the ceiling. Basically, these cabinets store the various articles used on a regular basis in bathrooms like cosmetics, medicines, toiletries, cleaning equipment, linen, etc.

Vanity Cabinets are basically of two types. One is the face-frame type which is more of the traditional cabinet that accords a formal appearance with frame and panel doors. The second is the frameless cabinet that is more contemporary in style with cabinet boxes and hinges of an adjustable nature. The type of cabinet that you select for your bathroom essentially depends on the size of the bathroom as well as the general décor.

If you are about to remodel you bathroom it makes more sense in sizing up the exact specifications of the room so that you can choose a suitable cabinet. In general these cabinets come in sizes ranging from 18 – 48 inches width that can be made larger according to your requirements. A great option in the case of a contemporary vanity cabinet would be the Dreamline Vanity Cabinet, a Danish make which can compliment your bathroom décor in a great way. Another trusted name in the said field happens to be that of Porcher which is well known for its exclusive styled vanity cabinets and other related accessories.

One of the most popular type of Vanity Cabinet for Bathrooms happened to be the vessel sink bathroom vanity which basically consist of a cabinet that fits a bowl type sink on its countertop. The storage space under the sink is covered up and can be utilized to store various articles of use in the bathroom.

Vanities are of different materials basically, like wood, aluminum, granite, marble, acrylic, etc and you can choose from including a whole lot of colors and styles according to your budget and general décor of the room. Counter tops too come in a great range of materials with laminate topping the list due to its versatility. Granite and ceramic tiles are great choices when it comes to Vanity Cabinet counter tops primarily due to its durability and ease in maintenance.

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Protect Your Bathroom Wood Vanities

Most bathroom vanities are wood and while this versatile material is commonly used in the bathroom, it’s important to learn how to take care of it properly. By taking the necessary steps to protect your bathroom wood vanities, you can ensure that your vanity will last for years.

Freshly cut wood is still almost half water. Manufacturers treat hard wood for furniture by drying it, leaving enough moisture so that the wood does not warp in the humidity of your home. When weather is very dry, moisture will evaporate from your hard wood and the furniture will shrink a bit as a result. Your bathroom wood vanities will have the opposite reaction and expand a bit due to the humidity in your bathroom. These natural changes should not affect the quality of your bathroom wood as long as you make sure your bathroom is properly ventilated to allow the wood to dry. Tips for cleaning your vanity include:

* Mild non-alkaline soap and water solution is fine to clean your hard wood furniture. Pretest the solution on an out of sight section to make sure it doesn’t damage the finish before you proceed. Dry immediately after you clean with a soft cloth.

* Wood cleaner and wax can benefit your bathroom wood vanities if they are not urethane-finished. Wax on urethane-finished surfaces will only collect dust, not repel it.

* Water spots are common on bathroom wood vanities. You can remove these spots by covering the stain with a clean blotter and pressing a warm iron to the blotter. Home remedies for water spots include buffing the stain with salad oil, mayonnaise or white toothpaste. Wipe your vanity dry and then wax or polish. Protect the finish of your vanity by testing an out of sight section of your vanity before you apply any cleaner to the outside.

Chances are that you’ll use your bathroom wood vanity every day. Whether you have an antique, rustic, or modern vanity, taking care of your vanity will ensure that it continues to be a lovely addition to your home despite daily use.

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Modern Vanities For a More Classic Bathroom

It does not matter if your bathroom is small or huge-there will always be modern vanities that you can add. These pieces and even ensemble do not only possess function, but also form. Modern vanities are meant to add more character, emotion, and ambiance to what could have been a four-walled portion of your home.

Wide Range of Selections

When you're talking about modern vanities, you're talking about your imagination. This is because there are plenty of pieces that you can choose from. Some of them are stand-alones, which you can later combine with other modern vanities, especially if you want to create a general theme on your bathroom. There are also others that come in pairs or even sets.

Mirrors. One of the most common modern vanities that you can take advantage of are mirrors. They may be incorporated to cabinets or other standing fixtures. They can also be independent pieces, which you can attach or mount to your wall, just above the sink. The good thing about mirrors is that they add more space to your room, especially for those who are longing for more breathable space. They also make the room more airy or cozier.

Lighting. The best possible complement of mirrors will be lights. These modern vanities can also be installed directly into the cabinet or be placed near mirrors, so they can add more illusion of space. You may also add lights to different corners of your bathroom. If you can, add a small lamp at the corner of your tub and light it when you want to tone down the mood of your bathroom and make it more rejuvenating or even romantic.

Sinks. Other kinds of modern vanities may include sinks, particularly basins sinks. They are not only very useful, but they can also be a beautiful fixture to your countertop. If you want to save some space, you can add the sink right into a cabinet. The best and sometimes the most usual choice for sink-and-cabinet modern bathroom vanity is wood. This is because they are easier to blend in with the other pieces in your bathroom. They also look very sophisticated and elegant. But you can also opt to buy those that are unpainted ones, so you will have the freedom to paint your preferred color.

Shower Enclosures. When you have combined your washroom and bathroom, you may want to separate the two by using modern bathroom vanities like shower enclosures. These are commonly made of tempered glass, although the cheaper ones come from recyclable materials. You can add shower chair, shower radio, and other accessories inside, so you can have your own spa or even sauna right inside the enclosure.

Bath Tub. Nothing seems more relaxing than soaking yourself to one of the most popular modern bathroom vanities in the world: bath tub. All you need to do is to look for a space where you can fit it. You can go for the rectangular- or the circular-shaped tubs. Do not forget to pepper your various modern bathroom vanities with some more essential bathroom accessories like a bathroom caddy, possibly a small shelf, and a towel ring.

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Small Bathroom Vanities 101

Vanities are very useful fixtures in a small bathroom since these can provide you with the storage space you need without compromising overall area. You should know that there are different designs and options to choose from so you have to determine the aspects that make it perfect for your space. You may purchase a new one or remodel an existing model to save costs.

Vanities mainly function as a preparation area where you can see and groom yourself. The most common item it comes with is a mirror located above the cabinet. Mirrors come in various sizes but the most preferred would be one large enough for you to see your face and neck fully. Vanities also have a sink for washing, a countertop where you place bathroom items and other cosmetic products, lighting fixtures to illuminate what you see in the mirror as well as items stored in one or more cabinets below the sink. Some designs also include a medicine cabinet right behind the mirror.

Since you're working with a small bathroom, it is important that you choose the right vanity dimensions that allow you to store all your personal belongings. Some vanities feature more than one sink or several cabinets. Of course, these take up more space so you may have to settle for the single sink design and around 1 or 2 cabinets. Below the sink, you may also find a recessed area where a stool can be conveniently stored. You may choose to take out the stool completely and do your work standing up if you need more space. Bathroom vanities may also have fixed holders and racks where you can hang accessories and grooming items. Be sure to pick the right design with features that are able to support your bathroom activities and tasks.

The prices of vanities will depend on the materials used, design and features. More features and special additions will also correlate to an increase in price. You can find different styles to choose from on the internet or your local furniture shop. You also may be lucky enough to get bargain prices from flea shops and garage sales. Affordable models cost around $ 400 to $ 600 while high quality ones can range up to $ 4000.

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